About Natalie and Her Swag Store

Natalie Wilson

Owner and Creative Director

Natalie Wilson is the creator of High Heal Diaries and High Heal Swag. Mother of three, wife, business woman, and a three-time breast cancer survivor, Natalie has had an extensive and ever-changing career as an interior decorator/home stager, makeup artist, licensed paralegal, model, certified coach practitioner and author.

After losing her younger sister to gun violence in 2003, a baby at 4 months gestation, being diagnosed with focal invasive ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) in 2008, and undergoing a bilateral mastectomy — she wasn’t sure if she could withstand any more pain. After two more recurrences of breast cancer in 2016, she realized that her pain and struggle must not have been in vain. Natalie miraculously made her way through the stages of emotional healing, and instinctively knew she must be a voice for others fighting this horrible disease, as well as those dealing with other emotional turmoil and struggle.

In 2016, Natalie created High Heal Diaries as a platform to support others on their journey of personal growth, self-love, healing, and acceptance. She has turned it into a multifaceted business/platform for individuals or businesses whose end result is to be empowered, grow, and improve themselves in order to reach their fullest potential. Currently, she has added inspirational/motivational speaker, event and talk show host, philanthropists and blogger to the list of her callings.

One of Natalie’s key accountabilities is to raise awareness and money to support breast cancer survivors in their struggle. Proceeds raised by High Heal Diaries™ supports women suffering from the financial effects of their breast cancer diagnosis - providing financial assistance with groceries, utilities, children’s expenses, medical expenses, transportation costs to treatment, care packages, or a well-needed day at the spa. As a 3x breast cancer survivor who has endured 22 surgeries, Natalie understands the physical and emotional battle a woman goes through with losing her breasts, therefore focusing a lot of her work on empowering women to fall back in love with their bodies. She’s been featured in numerous magazines, news talk shows, interviews, etc, with the concept of self-love and empowerment being the focus.

Natalie’s firm belief: God gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers!!! 

By purchasing any of the products from High Heal Swag, you’re adding to the fund that goes towards financially supporting women through their cancer treatment and journey. Thank you in advance. Stay beautiful stay blessed!

Be sure to visit www.highhealsdiaries.com to learn more about Natalie.